The Ocracoke Sessions

We recorded this CD on Ocracoke Island, getting together over the winter of 2009 and spring of 2010. Originals and cover tunes, with some great guest musicians along for the fun. Includes "Breakfast on the Mountain," "Hatteras Light" and "Scotty." Buy "The Ocracoke Sessions" at Amazon Music

Coming Up A Storm

Our second studio release features all originals. Good mix of high-energy bluegrass and smooth folk-rock. Includes our very cool, never-performed-in-public instrumental, "John's Island." Buy "Coming Up A Storm" at Amazon Music


The band's first CD, a collection of the songs were were "famous" for at the time. Great cover tunes, and a few really good originals. Everyone tells us that this is the perfect CD for parties and cookouts with friends. Buy "Signatures" at Amazon Music

Rob Bodle: In A Former Life

Rob's solo debut, with some fine vocal backing from John and Lou on several tracks. A warm and engaging combination of humor, nostalgia and contemporary folk. Includes "In My SUV," which had its 15 seconds (actually about 90 seconds) of fame on NPR's Car Talk. Features some great NC musicians and the undeniable talent of producer/guitarist Rob Seals. Buy "In A Former Life" at Amazon Music

John Warren – The Nobody Circuit

This is actually John's second solo effort. (His first album, Land of New Hope, was released on vinyl and can only be found on ebay.) This CD is a stong collection of songs ranging from the very personal to the strange and haunting. Lou and Rob add harmonies to a track or two. Buy "The Nobody Circuit" at Amazon Music 

Nobody Circuit – Natural World

A tasty audio archive featuring John's songs through the years, from solo days to WBA decades to his recent Nobody Circuit collaboration with bass player Henry Heidtmann. Buy "Natural World" at Amazon Music